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Reno Sweeney Todd!

GET IT!?!?!

Patti LuPone
10 March
Name: Patti, Pat, P-Diddy, LuLu
Age: Really Old
Mouth Cavity Size: 17.5"

Hey everyone! My name's Patti LuPone (you can call me Pat for short) and I'm a world renowned Broadway actress and singer! I've been in many shows like Noises Off, the London Les Miserables, Anything Goes, Passion, the Baker's Wife, Evita, the Sweeney Todd Concert DVD with my friends Vicki and Neil and random asian woman who holds the "oven", etc... I'll be reprising my role as Mrs. Lovett this fall alongside Michael Cerveris! The cast also includes a spanish guy who was in Brooklyn and Paul Gemignani's son! Come see me this fall!

Oh-and my mouth is huge! Toodles!